True North


We design & facilitate outdoor education & group work initiatives for children, young people and adults. Based in the North of Scotland we have access to beautiful natural spaces including forests, rivers, woodland, coastline and mountains.

We also train young people and youth field professionals in our methodologies in our Erasmus+ programme projects.

The natural world is the key to a healthier and fuller life. There is no better mirror or teacher than nature. We believe that we all need to regularly ‘plug in’ to nature to be able to live a healthy and nourishing life. Guided by the life and work of Jon Young, Richard Louv, Arnold Mindell and indigenous cultures all over the world, we reintroduce people to the magic and science that help us to remember that we are above all, human beings who are part of nature, not separate from it.

Nature. Communication. Empowerment. Awareness. Community. Skills. Find your true direction.

For more information visit our dedicated project website.