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Our first training offer of 2017!
ENACT – Empowerment through Nature, Authentic Communication & Theatre
6th-13th April 2017, Hungary

“Enact” is an innovative 8-day Erasmus+ training course designed to develop
the competences of youth workers, trainers and youth leaders to engage and
empower young people in their lives, work and communities. Using the tools
of Nature, Authentic Communication and Theatre we will learn together how
to empower the young people we work with by developing their skills in
enhanced communication, conflict resolution techniques, entrepreneurial
thinking and active participation.

Trainers: Sophie Breuker, Steve Gasgarth, Zita Szala.
There are 3 UK places for this training.
€50 participation fee, all other costs are covered by the grant.
Please check the attached ‘Call for Participants’ document for more

Apply Via SALTO here:
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